From the towering red rock mountains overhead, to the winding creekside road that leads to our secluded garden patio, the Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon environment is as unique as any in the world. Indeed, we live in an area with a strong sense of "place."

In our capacity as stewards of this historic landmark at Indian Gardens, it is our goal - and our duty - to foster that sense of "place." Through the setting, ambiance, customer service, menu, and offerings, we hope to provide you an experience that embodies the uniqueness of our surroundings.

We know that many of you make daily, monthly, and yearly pilgrimages to our garden to relax and enjoy a cup of our stellar coffee. A common piece of feedback is, "I don't know what it is, but I love your coffee!" Well here's the secret: we go to great lengths to create high-quality coffee and espresso blends that are truly unique to our "place."

From the farmer to the roaster, to the barista artfully preparing your cup of coffee, we are taking care every step of the way to bring you a unique coffee experience only found at Indian Gardens.

Hand Sourcing & Custom Roasting

In late 2013, we made the decision to have creative control over our coffee by hand-selecting our own single-origin beans. Each month we receive a shipment of premium green coffee beans grown by small-scale, independent farmers from around the world. We are fortunate to have a strong relationship with an excellent local coffee roaster - Firecreek Coffee Company in Flagstaff, Arizona - who takes our green coffee beans and custom-roasts them to our specifications.

Because we source our beans through small, independent importers that support small, independent farmers with limited production, our coffees are constantly revolving and changing according to the season. This allows us the chance to showcase different regions and styles throughout the year.

Typically, we are brewing 3-4 different single-origin coffees, along with a custom espresso blend that changes each time we source new beans. See what we're brewing today.

Coffee famers in Columbia.  Photos courtesy of Fast Company.

Coffee famers in Columbia.  Photos courtesy of Fast Company.

Beyond Fair Trade

Our coffee is purchased through several different importers, whom we admire for their ethical practices and passion for the craft. One of our favorites established a direct-trade program called "Farm Gate."

All farmers who sell coffee through Farm Gate are paid a minimum of 50-100% more than Fair Trade pricing. This gives independent, family-operated farms - those that are too small to qualify for Fair Trade progams - the opportunity to receive fair prices and treatment. It is one of the most direct ways for a coffee shop to fairly support an independent farmer on the other side of the globe, with often only 1 or 2 entities between the farmer and us.

When we can make a difference in someone's life while sourcing a quality product for our customers, it makes what we do worth all the effort.

Indian Gardens in the Fall

Indian Gardens in the Fall

Fond Memories

For many of us, the scent of falling Monsoon rains on a hot summer afternoon triggers precious memories of our time in the canyon. In turn, we hope that the steam from a cup of Indian Gardens coffee may transport you right back and remind you of your stay with us, whether it was yesterday, last month, or a year ago.

What are some of the tastes or smells that trigger your memory and transport you to a particular place and time?