COVID-19 Update March 17, 2020

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, the recommendations from the CDC, Federal Government, and our neighboring city of Flagstaff, and with the health of our employees and community in mind, we have decided to pause operations at our Oak Creek Canyon location beginning Wednesday, March 18.

Here in Sedona, we are expected to see rain and snow over the next several days, which for us typically means more people inside, together in a relatively small space. While it has been our goal from the beginning to create a space for our community to gather, in this moment it feels most responsible to support social distancing for the well-being of our staff and guests.

This is an unprecedented time and a new, bizarre experience for us all, and the speed with which the news and data continues to change has encouraged us to act with precaution. With so much uncertainty, we can’t estimate when we expect to reopen and in what capacity. However, we hope for a return to some sense of normalcy very soon and will of course do our best to reopen as soon as is practical and safe for our community.

Please know that we are acting out of love, not fear. We love our staff, our neighbors, and our community - and we would love to see you all continue to stay healthy amidst this global chaos. We have taken to heart the wise reminder that kindness is also contagious. Please continue to be kind to your friends, families, and neighbors as you support one another in this unprecedented time.

It is our sincere hope and intention that amidst all the negative news, we will collectively create and realize positive change in our long-term response to this crisis as we work toward rebuilding our economy and communities together.

We will be open for normal hours today from 8am to 4pm, 3/17, and we would love to see you for breakfast, lunch, coffee, fresh baked sourdough bread, cold pressed juice, or provisions for your home.

During this downtime, we will be working to find creative ways to offer home delivery of our freshly roasted @garlandcoffee and other offerings that you’ve come to love. Please stay tuned to this account and our website for updates.

With love, Daniel and Monica Garland