Madre Laura Colombia Natural
Madre Laura Colombia Natural

Madre Laura Colombia Natural

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An exciting limited release natural/dry processed coffee from the high mountains of Jerico, Colombia.  Madre Laura is named after the country's first Catholic Saint, who worked tirelessly for the rights and welfare of the indigenous people of Colombia.  Laura Montoya, or Madre Laura as she came to be known, was born in the town of Jerico, which is surrounded by the farms where this coffee is grown.

This specialty microlot is grown by primarily women farmers in the mountains, hand-picked at the height of ripeness.  Only a few hundred pounds of this special coffee made it to our import partner, and we were so excited about it, we bought the entire lot!

We've roasted it light and bright to showcase the floral notes and fruit forward profile in this natural processed coffee.  Enjoy tones of strawberry, sweet cream, and orange zest with a backbone of caramel and chocolate.

Origin: Colombia
Region: Jerico, Antioquia
Farm: Various small farmers
Cultivar: Dos Mil, Castillo
Altitude: 1700-2000 meters above sea level
Processing Method: Natural

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