Announcing the Next Chapter of Indian Gardens

Ten years ago, almost to the day, we embarked on the journey of revitalizing Sedona’s oldest continually-operated general store, Indian Gardens Cafe and Market. What followed was one of the greatest and most fulfilling experiences of our lives... 

From the onset, our mission was simple - to return Indian Gardens to a gathering place for the community, to nourish our neighbors with good food and warm fellowship, and to make Sedona better place to live in whatever small way we could. It gives us deep satisfaction to look back, knowing that we were able to achieve our goals, and then some.

Thanks to the tremendous support from our community, Indian Gardens became a regional destination and a cornerstone in Northern Arizona’s unique culture. To be certain, our success was no individual achievement, but very much the product of the unique talents and dedication of our amazing staff over the years, for whom we are so incredibly thankful. The memories and friendships we created with our staff and loyal customers are something we will carry in our hearts forever.

Like so many people, the forced closures and quarantine of 2020 afforded us the opportunity to reflect and gain perspective. As fulfilling as our experience had been, we came to realize that our personal priorities had shifted and that it was time to embark on a new chapter in our professional lives. Yet, our profound reverence for the legacy of Indian Gardens meant that finding a proper transition of stewardship was of utmost importance. We are so pleased to announce that we believe we found the ideal stewards for the next era of Indian Gardens.

As of December 1, Indian Gardens Cafe and Market is now owned and operated by Caleb Schiff and James Worden of the renowned Flagstaff restaurant, Pizzicletta. It brings us great joy to know that the future of Indian Gardens will be in such capable hands and led by a team that shares our values of community, employee empowerment, and delicious, nourishing food made with quality ingredients.  It is, of course, bittersweet to bid farewell to the business to which we dedicated the last 10 years of our lives, but the transition is made much easier knowing that Caleb, James, and their team are exceedingly well-suited to build upon our efforts and, by all accounts, we believe they will take Indian Gardens to even greater heights.

As for us, we will be shifting our focus to our new Sedona-based endeavor, FreeForm Coffee Roasters (, and we are eager to serve our community once again.  We are excited to work closely with Indian Gardens Cafe & Market to continue what has been of the best coffee programs in Northern Arizona and we will be rooting for their success every step of the way.  From the bottom of our hearts, we want to express our deepest gratitude to our staff, community, loyal customers, and family for joining us on this unforgettable journey.  We will will always remember the moments we shared in Oak Creek Canyon, and we look forward to sharing a cup of coffee with you again soon.

Happy Holidays!

Daniel & Monica Garland